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A couple of days ago I went to a Time For Print photo shoot that was initiated by the model herself.
One model and about 10  photographers. Crazy right? Not really, we all took turns shooting and gave advice to each other. At one point one of the photographers had a 300w strobe with a beauty dish, that we set up and took turns shooting. Really cool and I have to give a big thumbs up to all the people involved. I just detest the “competition” between photographers at some shoots and events.
The fact is that if we are courteous and helpful, we will get more done, learn from each other and improve our own work. Very proud of the photographers and the model at the shoot.

Back to the shoot and some photos from it.

Model: Arizona Colt aka Frida Grimborg
Photo: Petri Olderhvit

I came to the shoot with only 1 Canon 430 EXII Speedlite and even forgot the transmitter at home, so I had to rely on keeping the speedlite on camera. 😉

This first shot is with a speedlite at about 1/2 power and 35mm ISO 320 1/60 of a second, to absorb some of the ambient light. (top)

The second shot is with a 300w strobe ISO 200 f7.1 and 1/125 of a second. The light meter said f8.0, but I knew that it would be a little too dark. (bottom)

Frida Grimborg 0444

Frida Grimborg 0470

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