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The New Blog

By October 25, 2012November 5th, 2014Uncategorized

Finally starting to organize My new blog. “Framing the Street” which comes from an expression I have used when asked what I do when shooting Street.
It all came from a documentary I saw of a photographer scouting locations and used a view finder to get an idea of what could be done in camera with the location, “what frame to use”, was his expression. I don’t remember who He was or much else about it for that matter, but it’s not that important, it gave me the expression I have used ever since…Framing the Street!

When you look thru that viewfinder all you have is that frame. You can include things by waiting until they walk in to/fill the frame, or you can exclude by waiting until the frame is as empty as you want it. But all there is…is that frame you see.

The work i present here on the blog are shots from 2006 and onwards. I mostly do Street Photography that includes people.  Lately I have began a quest of developing my work, my eye if you like. Try to see things differently. Time will tell if it’s for the better, if it improves my work. Let’s hope so. 😉

Welcome…and I hope you enjoy my work. 😉

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