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New Year’s Bang

By January 4, 2015Firework Photography, Sweden

New Year Fireworks - Goteborg Photography
 Happy New Year. Here’s  another one of my New Year’s Eve fireworks shots.

It’s  3 different shots put together into one. The main frame is a 10 second shot, with the white light trail and a few of the plumes. The other two are taken at the same time but at 2,5 and 5 seconds each. F13 at ISO 100.
This was actually my second time I shot Fireworks. The first frames I had at 10, 15 and 20 seconds, but realized immediately that 15 and 20 seconds gave me way over exposed shots. The 10 second one was interesting, so I took it down to 10, 5 and 2,5 seconds and got a few interesting shots.
Trial and Error my friends… 😉

I’ll do better next time.

If you have any advice how to improve my Firework photography or how to do something totally different with it…let me know.

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