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It's in the music - Street Performer

The final image

Here’s a shot I took of a Street Performer last summer. The shot wasn’t really any good( the original black and white is the one at the bottom) but as I started going thru the shots I decided to try to do something with it. It’s one of those shots that’s not good enough, but still has something in it (the “darkness” probably 😉 ).  I decided to go with a Black and White shot and turn the lighter part on the right to white.

You can see what I did. Nothing special, just played with it until enough was enough 😉

Below are the shots that led to the final one. No longer a Street shot. 😉

It's in the music

The first step in post

It's in the music - Street performer

Original turned bw

This will never make the shot a good photo, but sometimes I like to play with it in Photoshop and see what happens.

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