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A few more shots from the early morning shooting the blizzard that hit Gothenburg on the 19th of January.
I went out at about 4am and stayed until the snowfall subsided at about 7am.

Here’s a few of the shots I finally came up with.

Vassaplatsen during the blizzardOutside my house as I started the walk

A man walking thru the snow - Street PhotographyGoing home with heavy steps…

Goteborg in the snowInteresting light

In the snow.Blizzard or not, she was on her way to work.

Waiting_1smallerThere was a long wait for the busses and trams

Brunnsparken-in-the-snow_1smallerWaiting for the trams…

Brunnsparken-tram_2smallerThey finally came…

Going-home_1smallerFinally people are on their way home… or to work. 😉

One last shot that I managed to take as the sun had a chance to shine thru to give us a pink minute or two.


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