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The eternal question; black and white or color. 😉

My thought is that if the color doesn’t do anything for the  shot then I go black and white. I always try both, and contrary to many non-photogaphers  opinion, black and white doesn’t really improve a bad photo. A bad shot is always a bad shot. Right?

You might know that I prefer black and white over color, but this is something that I have to consider for every photo I take. Therefore, I have decided to start “thinking color” when I look for shots in the future. I will still continue to develop my black and white photography for the better, with Streets in color mixed into it. 😉

Here’s a color street shot that really caught my attention. Her clothes and the background worked well together, don’t you think.


Other times It’s not that easy of a choice. When you see a shot that work well both as a black and white and in color, I have to develop them in both and share them in both color and bw.
What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.
What do you think BW or Color?

Shadow traveller Shadow traveller

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