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I had a chance to test a Canon 5D Mark III for a day. I borrowed it for a video shoot but realised it was a good opportunity to test the camera for portraits in low light.  I’m on the verge of updating my Canon so I wanted to try the Mark 3 for comparison with Mark 2 and finally will test the Canon 6D as well.

Here the 3 test shots I did.

Henrik test of camera
This is my friend Henrik sitting in a library with a small spot over his head lighting up the table.
Shot at 70mm , at ISO 6400  – f/4,5  – 1/125 handheld.

Portrait test of camera in low light
Another friend of mine taken outside in the middle of the night. No additional light.
Shot at 70 mm, at ISO 4000 – f/3,5  – 1/40 and handheld of course.


Smiling Studen - Camera test

This last shot is in the library taken at the same time as the first one. There were a little more light from the spots and a bigger light source in the ceiling,
as they were sitting more in the middle the lights hit them from above, behind them.
Shot at 70mm, ISO 2000 – f/4,5 –  1/50 and handheld

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