The Selfie Project

I started taking selfies… not as a Project, but more of a lack of subjects when I was shooting in places without any people, like in the middle of the night.

It became more of a project not long ago when I decided to take selfies as I ended my day out shooting the streets, or doing long exposures in the night.  I’m still thinking about where I should take them, to place myself in the right place. But I will probably let that come as I do them. With time I will find something that makes sense to me and that is perhaps a little more interesting for the viewer. 🙂

So far, there’s only a few shots that I like, so I didn’t think a gallery-function made much sense. So here they are… The oldest one at the bottom and the newest on top.

I haven’t used any additional light so far, but that will change. It’s hard to sit still for 6 seconds 😉  so will add a flash or a some other light source the next time. These are all long exposure shots with only ambient light.  More to come… 🙂

I-Am-Selfie_2_1347_1smallerLight hitting my head added in post.


Selfie in the stairs

selfie under bridge

Selfie Ghost

Selfie in August

December Selfie

Night Photography - Selfie

Night Photography – Selfie

Selfie in church