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Working outside

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Working Outside - Street Photography

“As an employer it’s important to give the employee a chance to work outside”  – Well, I totally agree. ;)

I hope you all use these situations life gives you to take a street shot with a little humor in it. This is perhaps not that funny but it’s something I never could let pass me by. Keep your eyes open and capture what life throws at you.

Keep shooting :)

Rainy Evening

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In the rain - Street Photography
The year started exactly like last year ended, with rain. ;)
I often go out after dark  and try to find something different. Lately this has not been easy, due to the utter lack of light. People shun the light sources and make it even harder to get anything interesting so I haven’t been out as much as I hoped.

The above is shot with my trusted little Panasonic GX1, on a dark and rainy evening as I was out getting a cake for my birthday. ;)

The City Hall in the rain

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Going out as it get’s dark, especially in the rain can be very rewarding. This time however, even thou I managed to get some shots it was more of a struggle, trying to keep the rain away from my lens.
I had to wipe it off…take a couple of frames, and wipe it off again. But after some time that didn’t really do any good. Here are a few pictures from one of those rainy, dark evenings.
I had fun trying to avoid the rain and shooting the City hall with some “Christmas lights”.

Goteborg City Hall at night - Long Exposure Photography

I managed to get a few shots before my gear got wet. The weather “sealing” on my Canon 7D hasn’t failed me yet.  – I think I need to work a little more on these when I have the time, that little white square disturbs me. ;)

City Hall at Night - Goteborg Photography

I like shooting in the rain but sometimes it’s really hard to hold on the umbrella and keep the rain away from the camera. I think I should invest in some rain-gear. ;)

City hall in the rain - Goteborg Photography 

This is one of the last shots I took, and as you can see I could no longer keep the rain away from my lens. It was time to call it a day and go for a coffee and try to dry my gear. The above shot is a Jpeg straight out of the camera, just straightened it a little, nothing else.

Shot with a Canon 7D and my trusted 24-105 lens, at about 30 sec F11 and ISO 100

Skaters in action

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Skaters in action - Street Photography
A summer´s day and two skaters are having fun.
I’m very partial to harsh shadows so I tend to take these shots in the afternoon as the sun is low but still gives me strong lines between shadow and light and long shadows from the subjects, like from the skater above.

Avenyn Light trails

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Avenyn Light trails - Long Exposure Photography

Following my decision to do more Long exposure shots of my Hometown and try to do something with our trams. My project of shooting my hometown, starts with capturing light trails on the Avenyn (the avenue/main boulevard in the city) with trams as the source of light trails.

Shot in December 2014 so we have a lot of Christmas light on the street.


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17B - Street Photography

17B – A Street scene from Gothenburg, Sweden. People are saying that we spend too much time with our phones today, and little time is spent talking to other people. As if that was more so before the introduction of smart phones. I remember how I used to spend my time staring into a book, magazine or the daily paper. I didn’t converse strangers more than I do today. One thing I can say, I read more than I do today. ;)

Urban Exploration 1.4

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Graf in a hole - Urban Exploration Photography
The fourth shot from my Urban Exploration day in Gothenburg. The whole inner room was tiled, tagged and really hard to get in to, so I tried to get a shot of it from the outside to show the decay.
The amount of decay was really surprising because the factory has been closed for only 7 years. But I guess once the outside elements get’s a hold of it, the decay is fast and relentless.