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Changing the story

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Changing the story of a Street shot.

A new project I’m starting has a dark side to it. I’m a Street Photographer as you all know, so the idea is to take a Street shot and change it a little to make it into something else.
Each shot will perhaps have a different story it it, bu this time it has a “Murder in the Alley” – kinda story ;)

I wanted it to be a little cartoonist and not that real, for many reasons. I also found out by doing this, how hard it is to add blood to a scene (never done it).

Here are the shots. Before and after.

In the night 2

A shot in the night
Well, now you have seen it. It’s not perfect, but it was fun. ;)

A selfie night

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As it gets darker here in Sweden I tend to go out more at late evening/night to shoot city scapes and light trails of trams passing by.
One night I got a bit frustrated over not getting any shots I liked, so I ended up doing a few selfies.

The first one is just a selfie, with not much done to it. The other one is a composition of 3 shots. Had this idea of implementing some movement to the shot. As if my soul was being dragged away by un invisible source. I don’t know. It’s always great fun to play around with selfies, when I have no one else to shoot. ;)

– No flash used

Me, myself and I ;)

Selfie in August


Selfie Ghost

Roadwork in my Pano

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I have been out a couple of nights taking night shots of the city. Doing panoramas and Long exposure shots, but everywhere I look there’s construction work. I have to wait for the construction work to be done with, but practice makes perfect, right? ;)
Anyway, this is a view of one of the canals of Gothenburg, a bridge and the street “Västrahamngatan” going over it.

That’s it… more to come once they cleared the streets from all those nasty cones and tapes and lights and stuff. ;)

Vastrahamngatan Panorama

Shadows in BW or Color

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The eternal question; black and white or color. ;)

My thought is that if the color doesn’t do anything for the  shot then I go black and white. I always try both, and contrary to many non-photogaphers  opinion, black and white doesn’t really improve a bad photo. A bad shot is always a bad shot. Right?

You might know that I prefer black and white over color, but this is something that I have to consider for every photo I take. Therefore, I have decided to start “thinking color” when I look for shots in the future. I will still continue to develop my black and white photography for the better, with Streets in color mixed into it. ;)

Here’s a color street shot that really caught my attention. Her clothes and the background worked well together, don’t you think.


Other times It’s not that easy of a choice. When you see a shot that work well both as a black and white and in color, I have to develop them in both and share them in both color and bw.
What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.
What do you think BW or Color?

Shadow traveller Shadow traveller

Planket Exhibition 2015

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My Exhibition at Planket Gbg 2015

This year I participated in the annual exhibition held along the fence of one of our parks in the city, Trädgårsföreningen.
About 130 photographers and artists participated this year.

Framing Planket Flyer

This was my first time at the event so I really didn’t know what to expect. The day turned out great!
I had a really wonderful time, with a lot of people looking at my work and taking an interest in the process of “Fine Art Street Photography”. ;)

We were so fortunate that the weather was at it’s best and one of the warmest days of the year.

A few shots from the exhibition. Can you spot my work? ;)

Here I am, shot taken by my good friend Daniel Sjöström

Petri Olderhvit - Planket 2015

People did stop and have a look at the photos. Some even took shots of my shots ;)

Bild Planket 2015_7    Bild Planket 2015_6
Bild Planket 2015_5
Bild Planket 2015_1   Bild Planket 2015_4

Bild Planket 2015_3

At the end of the day, the weather turned quickly so everybody had to be quick covering or taking the display down.

Bild Planket 2015_2

Finally, thank you everyone for visiting and especially those of you who bought photos, very much appreciated. ;)

The process of a Panorama

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A couple of days ago I went out with the intention to do some Timelapse here in the Gothenburg harbor.
I wanted some boats going past the frame and clouds moving in the sky, but as I got to the spot there was no movement at all. No clouds and no traffic in the harbor.
So I decided to do a Panorama of the harbor with a few famous landmarks. ( here’s the final shot)

Goteborg Panorama - Harbor Photography

The final image – Gothenburg Harbor Panorama

To get the shot I had to crawl under a fence and get into an area that is more or less abandoned and closed for the public. As I stood there looking at the view the sun reflecting off the building and I saw the opportunity to take the shot with the reflecting sun, giving me a sun-flare that hopefully would make the shot more interesting. Without any clouds I needed something to make it pop.
I knew I had only a few minutes to take the shot with the sun hitting the building from that angle, so I set the tripod up and took 1 test shot. I then took the three shots I needed, without having the time to fix the angle or the horizon…I just took three shots 24mm f/16 at 1/160

As I checked the shots i noticed they were really badly aligned and the horizon was really tilted. Really bad as you can see on the “straight out of the camera” shots below.
I got everything aligned and the horizon straight. As I looked up to take the next series, the light was gone. – I only had one chance since I was so late. So these are the shots I worked on to get the Panorama I wanted. Note to self: So always plan on getting there early so you have time to  set everything up and do some test-shots, to be sure.

I can always replace the sky at a later date or take another panorama from the same location when the sky is more interesting. For now, this will do.

As You can see here, the shots were not that good and I had to work really hard with them in Photoshop, aligning everything with he help of the fantastic “Adaptive Wide Angle filter” – Fantastic tool. I will not bother you with the whole process for now, I just wanted to show how amazing of a tool it is. ( there’s plenty of really good tutorials out there) ;)

Straight out of camera

Straight out of camera

Straight out of camera

Straight out of camera

Straight out of camera

Straight out of camera

Working outside

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Working Outside - Street Photography

“As an employer it’s important to give the employee a chance to work outside”  – Well, I totally agree. ;)

I hope you all use these situations life gives you to take a street shot with a little humor in it. This is perhaps not that funny but it’s something I never could let pass me by. Keep your eyes open and capture what life throws at you.

Keep shooting :)

Rainy Evening

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In the rain - Street Photography
The year started exactly like last year ended, with rain. ;)
I often go out after dark  and try to find something different. Lately this has not been easy, due to the utter lack of light. People shun the light sources and make it even harder to get anything interesting so I haven’t been out as much as I hoped.

The above is shot with my trusted little Panasonic GX1, on a dark and rainy evening as I was out getting a cake for my birthday. ;)