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Urban Picnic Street Photography

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Urban Picnic Street Photography Community, a place for all of us into Street Photography, to share our work and to participate in their Street Photography Competition. Enter the 2013 Competition by uploading your best shot.
First prize is a good £1,000 and have the picture framed and exhibited with Urban Picnic.

Judges for the Competition are according to the site; Matt Stuart and Eric Kim

I became a member and I have posted 3 photos so far (one a day). I have to say that there is not really an overwhelming activity on the site, or rather the activity i can see on the number of “likes” on the photos isn’t that high. Just a few likes on each photo.

I like the site thou, looks good and the logo looks really nice. I would urge everyone interested in Street Photography to go there and join the community. Log In and set up your profile and a portfolio.

“become a featured photographer and benefit from increased exposure.”