Welcome to the world of my Street Photography!Petri_DSC

I’m a Swedish Street Photographer based in Gothenburg.

Framing The Street  - When people ask me what I do, I often say that I “Frame  moments in the street”, moments otherwise missed. This is where I got the idea for the name of the blog.

What are the “moments” I look for? – That is a hard question to answer. I look for beauty around us in everyday situations, catch those moments otherwise gone by.  I look for shadows and light, lines and forms, the interaction between the soft lines of man and the hard lines of man made structures.
I also look for what ever catches my attention. It can be a funny moment,  interaction between people, colors, a background that screams for a foreground, cool people, reactions, emotions.
I look for stories…documenting the street and the life on and of the street.

For most part I have been shooting very typical “people shots”, but this has slowly starting to change. I’m seeing things differently and trying to improve my work. With time and consistency comes change.  - Let’s hope it’s for the better.  ;-))

More and more I have been using my iPhone5 and getting very active on Instagram and EyeEm, as well on communities dedicated to mobile photography. Join Me in my quest for a “perfect street shot”.

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