Welcome to the world of my Street Photography! Petri in may 2014_small

I’m a Swedish Street Photographer based in Gothenburg.

Framing The Street  - When people ask me what I do, I often say that I “Frame  moments in the street”, moments otherwise missed. This is where I got the idea for the name of the blog.

What are the “moments” I look for? – That is a hard question to answer. I look for beauty around us in everyday situations, catch those moments otherwise gone by.  I look for shadows and light, lines and forms, the interaction between the soft lines of man and the hard lines of man made structures.
I also look for what ever catches my attention. It can be a funny moment,  interaction between people, colors, a background that screams for a foreground, cool people, reactions, emotions.
I look for stories…documenting the street and the life on and of the street.

For most part I have been shooting very typical “people shots”, but this has changed over the years. I’m seeing things differently and trying to improve my work. With time and consistency comes change.  - Let’s hope it’s for the better.  ;-)

I now look for geometry, shadows and light, and frame the human form somewhere in the frame.

First learn to see the light and lines and the play of shadows, then worry about placing your subject in the frame

More and more I have been using my iPhone5 and getting very active on Instagram and EyeEm, as well on communities dedicated to mobile photography. Join Me in my quest for a “perfect street shot”.

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