I’m Petri Olderhvit, a Street and Travel Photographer from Gothenburg, Sweden. I host a newly started swedish Youtube channel (Fotosnack) about photography.
My Commercial side of things will be presented on a new site at Olderhvit dot com, as soon as I have it up and running.
I’m a founders of “Ooh Shoot”, a community for photographers and visual artists in Sweden.

A Shot without a tripod of Gothenburg harbor

Without a tripod

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A few days ago I was out for a walk and decided to try to shoot this long exposure, however I didn’t have my tripod with me. So, I tried…

Trams in Gothenburg  project.

Selfie in the stairs

The Selfie Project

Petri Olderhvit - Planket 2015

About Me

Welcome –  Framing The Street was initially just for my Street Photography, but now my photography has evolved and so have the things I do regarding to photography.

YouTube: You can now find me on Youtube with a photography channel for the Swedish audience called Fotosnack (Phototalk), mostly in Swedish with the exception of some guest appearances when we will adapt and do the interview in english. You can watch the interview with Sigudur William about his Aurora Borealis Photography (Northern Lights) in english. (The interview starts at the 0:37 mark).

Street Photography: It all started with me shooting people on the street and has somewhat evolved into me now looking for geometry, shadows and light, and then frame the human form somewhere in the frame.

Travel Photography: I try to learn the art of classic travel photography and take beautiful shots of the places i visit.

Shop: I will be introducing a place to buy my work. This will be mainly for the Swedish fans. The Swedish shop for a limited number of pictures in A4 for only 300:- sek.

Once again the site will be mostly in english, with some Swedish in between 😉

/ Petri Olderhvit

Burning Man 2016 – To the Gallery